The Centre for Knowledge Management (CKM) as a project partner of “i3 – Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship” project, funded by the Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020 programme, will organize a workshop for Entrepreneurship in the ICT sector as part of the created i3 model. The workshop will take place on 22nd to 24th January 2019 at the TCC Grand Plaza Hotel in Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

The Lifestyle specialized training will be organized as part of the i3 project. The training is the first one from total 5 trainings that will take place in all project partner countries as follows:

  • Lifestyle - Bulgaria, 4-6 December
  • ICT – FYROM, 22-24 January 2019
  • High technologies – Greece, 19 – 21 February 2019
  • Energy – Cyprus, 17-19 March 2019
  • Environment – Albania, 14-16 May 2019

The third i3 project partner meeting was held in Tirana, Albania on 13th November 2018. The meeting was attended by representatives of all project partners:

  • Bulgaria Economic Forum;
  • Association “Committee Italy – Bulgaria 2013”;
  • Technological Education Institute of Western Greece;
  • Center for Knowledge Management (FYROM);

The i3 project aims at supporting regional development, cooperation and the competitiveness of the Balkan - Mediterranean program area by developing, implementing and promoting a model for entrepreneurial learning and knowledge transfer (Model i3 - Ideas, Inventions, Innovations) for students and young entrepreneurs. The i3 model covers 5 innovative entrepreneurship themes as follows: