i3 model

The model “i3” (Ideas, Inventions, Innovations)


The model is aimed at students and young entrepreneurs and includes the following features:

  • Flexible modular training, including basic modules for business, communication, finance and specific modules on themes/sectors with the greatest potential for entrepreneurship;
  • Innovative training approach - based on role-playing, practice at all levels and functions, shadowing of successful businessmen, building common entrepreneurial culture, thinking and motivation, etc.;
  • Maximum use of the online platform and mobile apps that facilitate learning, networking, sharing experiences and seeking assistance, etc.;
  • Focus efforts on the most critical sectors with the highest potential for socio-economic development and returns
  • "i3 fairs", which ensure the active participation and the establishing of relations between the business, education and funding with a view to balance supply and demand of adequate entrepreneurial initiative.

The themes/sectors of the model “i3”

The preliminary identified themes/sectors with the greatest potential for entrepreneurship in the participating countries in the Programme are:

  1. Environment: incl. innovative technologies for environmental protection, resource efficiency, climate change, etc.
  2. Energy: incl. development of new and renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, etc.
  3. ICT: incl. introduction of integrated systems - hardware and software for the management of high-tech processes, artificial intelligence, innovative multimedia, etc.
  4. Lifestyle: activities improving quality of life, leisure, health, etc.
  5. Technology: incl. research and use of innovative technologies in production processes and sectors or in the household, which are not included in the above.